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BELVEDERE TEACHERS EMBLEM OF NATIONAL PRIDE. Belvedere oh emblem of our national pride Oh so bright and beautiful In so vast a land Shape the nation lead the way To a better state Be a light dispel the dark From the tender minds Swollen tides of our great foe Our dear path assail Like a mountain great and strong Proudly blocks the way Tear the barrier clear the way Bring us spring of hope Save us from the ignorance Bred from times unknown Teach us build and help restore our national worth Look corruption in the eye Stamp her under feet Teach us love respect for work Love for sober minds Like the sun dispel the dark Bring us broad day light Mould a mind of full courage, unflinching valour One to reason one to think and fully reflect On life national heritage and posterity Eye jealously national worth for prosperity CHORUS Belvedere Belvedere Belvedere Belvedere National Pride